courses and coaching to make tech work for you.


We teach entrepreneurs and creatives how to use Apple products to their full potential. Manage your business and your life.

Are you a small business owner or soloproneur that struggles with missing files? Do you sometimes feel as if programs or apps seem designed to confuse you and your clients? Does your email seem like a black hole? Have you been spending too much your time troubleshooting your system or devices?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, we're here for you.

Tech literacy is a learned skill. We will teach you how to confidently use any and all Apple products to their full potential to manage your business and your life. Schedule a discovery call to find out more.

We specialize in Apple products: MacBooks, iMacs, iPhones, iPads.

Apple's operating system might be well-designed and intuitive, but that doesn't mean you'll never have issues. Most people are also not using these products to anywhere near their full potential. We prefer to work with Mac-only clients, but if you happen to have a PC and are desperate to get some help, definitely get in touch. Our foundation-level tech coaching will work for anyone, and cloud-based software works on Mac and PC.

1:1 Tech Coaching

Do you constantly struggle with the software required for your work? Maybe you feel plagued by constant tech problems. We'll sit down with you 1:1 to fix the issues and prevent them in the future.

Process Consulting

If given 5 minutes to describe your current workflow for a new client, start to finish, could you do it? Let's create repeatable processes for your business, integrate your software and help you perfect it.


Is your Mac having software issues? Calendar not syncing? Monotonous tasks that you know could be automated, somehow? Send us your specific help requests and let's make tech work for you.

Online Course Coming Soon

We're excited to be developing an online course that will give you the foundational understanding to better use your phone, computer, anything that employs the technology that continues to permeate our lives. Sign up for our list to be the first to know when we launch (or request to be a beta tester).

What one tech problem, if fixed, would make every workday brighter? Click here to tell us about it.