1:1 Tech Coaching

Tech literacy is a learned skill.

Are you constantly frustrated by your computer or iPhone? Occasional tech problems are part of modern life, but it shouldn't be a constant struggle. We specialize in hands on training with individuals. We'll help you get a grasp on why your devices are acting up, then get them fixed. Tech savvy people are able to figure things out because they have a good grasp on how software generally works. If they're a "natural," it means they've spent a lot of time in front of a screen. These skills can be learned by anyone.


How it Works:

  1. Discovery call or video chat to discuss specific pain points
  2. A specific plan will be created to address those areas
  3. We'll come to your office to see the tech issues happen in real time
  4. We will talk through the issues as they happen, and show you how to fix them
  5. Repeat as needed until you gain the confidence to troubleshoot tech problems on your own (yes, really)

What does 1:1 tech coaching look like/cover?

Every plan is different because every client is different – we'll tailor everything to your needs. If you want to work on general tech literacy, we might schedule a standing weekly meeting where we work through whatever issues have come up throughout the week. If you'd like more structure, we can work through our basic tech training below. These skills are a requirement for being less-stressed and more productive in any field.

Lesson 1


If you own a car, you need car insurance. If you use the Internet, you need a password manager. We’ll explain what a password manager is and how it works, help you install and set up on all your devices, then teach you how to use it.

Lesson 2


Inbox Zero is not impossible. Step 1: get your email out of your browser and learn to use an email client (Apple Mail, etc.). Step 2: unsubscribe, use forwards, and learn about filters and rules. Step 3: email best practices.

Lesson 3


Discover the peace of mind that comes from having reliable, synced calendars on all your devices. Set up categories, integrations, and booking options if needed. Even the craziest schedule can be managed with a robust calendar system.

Lesson 4

File Syncing

Are you confused by how to use Dropbox or Google Drive? Constantly losing files and unsure of different folders? We’ll explain how file syncing works, how to use these systems efficiently, and make sure your devices are set up correctly.

Ready to take control of your tech?

Set up a free 15 minute discovery call and tell us the #1 pain point you have with your computer or phone.