Frequently Asked Questions

One business name idea was First Principles Tech. The concept of First Principles means to break concepts down into their most basic parts. It's the idea of building your understanding on a subject from the ground up.
First pixels sounds like first principles. It's also reminiscent of a toddler learning to walk. It requires persistence, but it's an inevitable skill after enough practice. The name felt accessible, not intimidating.
The logo icon consists of stacked squares (pixels) forming steps. Learning to utilize technology requires taking one step at a time and gradually building your knowledge.
A pixel is the smallest visual component of your computer screen. The words you’re reading right now are composed of thousands of tiny pixel squares. The visual component is important – incorporating visuals and diagrams make concepts must easier to learn and will be an important part of the online course.

We specialize in Apple products, so absolutely. There are tools and tricks built into Mac computers that are rarely being used to their full potential. We love teaching those techniques.

Yes – our foundational 1:1 tech coaching will work for everyone, as will process consulting. Many of the systems used by business owners are cloud-based, meaning they can run on either platform.

Troubleshooting on Windows computers can be a bit more complicated. If it's a common issue we can probably help, but if it's a Windows-specific issue we may refer you to a specialist.

Online Course Coming Soon

We're excited to be developing an online course that will give you the foundational understanding to better use your phone, computer, anything that employs the technology that continues to permeate our lives. Sign up for our list to be the first to know when we launch (or request to be a beta tester).

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