how to share a Google calendar with an Apple calendar

Because so many people use Gmail (free personal account) or Google Workspace (the paid business version), Google calendar invites are a frequent occurrence. These calendars are easy to share and with other Google calendar users… but what if your partner uses Apple’s iCloud calendars and you want to share your availability with them? Here’s how to set that up if you’re using Google Workspace.

1. navigate to (sign in if necessary).

In the sidebar on the left, mouse over the calendar you want to share, then click the 3 dots on the right. I’m using ‘Test Calendar’ for this example.

google calendar 3 dots options


2. click ‘Settings and sharing’

google calendar settings and sharing


3. scroll down to ‘Access permissions’ and check the box that says ‘Make available to public’

You’ll a pop up stating “Making your calendar public will make all events visible to the world, including via Google search. Are you sure?” Click OK.

Now click the drop down and make sure it says ‘See only free/busy (hide details)’. If you don’t change this, anyone on the internet can find and see everything on your calendar. With ‘See only free/busy’ they’ll only see the time and the word Busy. Your settings should look like this:

google calendar access permissions make available to public


4. scroll down to ‘Integrate calendar’ and copy the link under ‘Public address in iCal format’

google calendar copy address in iCal format


5. open Calendar on your partner’s Mac.

Click File > New Calendar Subscription… Now paste the link you just copied and hit ‘Subscribe’.



6. edit your calendar settings.

If you have multiple calendar accounts, make sure the location is correct (it generally should be iCloud). You’ll want to check the boxes so you’re not getting alerts for your partner’s meetings, and you’ll probably also want to set the refresh time to a day instead of a week.




7. hit ok and look for the calendar in the app sidebar.

Confirm you can see the time and ‘Busy’ for any appointments.

Assuming your partner is signed in to this same iCloud account on their phone, you won’t have to do anything additional to add it there. Open calendar on the iPhone, click ‘Manage calendars’ at the bottom, and pull down to refresh. You should see this same calendar appear. Check the box to see those appointments on the phone’s calendar.

For more information, see Google’s help article about public calendars.

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